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Internal Detailing
Complete Internal Vacuuming
Cleaning of Vinyl, Upholstery, Roof, Carpet & Mattings
Leather Seat Cleaning & Leather Conditioning
Cleaning and Polishing of Dashboard & Door Panels
Cleaning AC vents, Console, Seat Belts, etc
External Detailing
Removal of Tar & Bug Droppings from side running boards and fenders
Body Wash using Carnauba Wax Shampoo
Removal of entrapped dust in rubber moldings and body joints
T-Cut paint restoration followed by High Gloss Machine Polish
Cleaning & Polishing of all grills and metal parts
Washing and De-carbonizing Alloy wheels
Spraying Cleaning Foam on Tires for long lasting gloss and rubber protection
Cleaning and Vacuuming the car boot
Polishing and Restoring lost gloss on running beading and fenders
Cleaning and shining the windows and the windscreens
Complete Car Detailing
Combination of the above mentioned Internal & External Detailing Services
Complete Car Detailing with Paint Sealant Application
Complete Car Detailing as above followed by Nanomeric Paintwork Seal & Protect application
(Nanomeric Paintwork Seal & Protect is a professional sealant with nanotechnology that protects the paint and makes the surface stay cleaner for longer. The nanomeric technology helps bonding with all paint surfaces evenly and forms a protective shield against bird droppings, UV rays and envoirnmental pollutants thus enhancing the life of the paint.)

Paint/Cement Spot Removal
Removing Paint or Cement Spots fallen on the Car Paint by special products and techniques without the need to repaint the car, thus saving a lot of money by avoiding repainting the car and also maintaining the original paint.
Engine Dressing
Degreasing and Cleaning the Engine.
Pest/Cockroach Treatment
Odorless and Effective treatment for Cockroaches and Pests.


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